УПРАВЛЕНИЕ ВПЕЧАТЛЕНИЕМ В РАЗЛИЧНЫХ СОЦ&#1048, Norbert M. Seel, 9781304417701

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The textbook is written for the course “Psychology of impression management.” This textbook is written to themes of “Creating a first impression in the virtual space” and “Body modification as a way of impression management.” Active development of information technology has led to the formation of new technical and psychological phenomena, including “virtual reality” and “cyberspace.” At the present stage of development of society, most of the authors noted an information space and virtual communication as a specific society. The ubiquity of the Internet and social networks has led to globalization, which on the one hand, contributes to the development of social contacts, and violations of the other side. Another aspect of social self-presentation are bodily modification. That came from the primitive tribes and the lower strata of society in everyday life of the modern world. At the same time, the data is a little known aspect of both Russian and foreign psychology and sociology.

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