A Distant Connection: Letters from Prisoners Concerned about Today’s Youth, Maria Chang, 9781466992177


A DISTANT CONNECTION is an absolute must read for all who find themselves intrigued by the criminal lifestyle in its many facets. From a hi-maximum security prison cell constructed to maximize human loneliness; a site designed to kill the mind; Kenneth Jamal Lighty manages to not only live, but thrive. Through self-cultivated intellect and hard-earned wisdom, he uses the single, most powerful weapon known to a prisoner -the ink pen- to not only bring the plight of the incarcerated into the consciousness of many throughout the world, but also to make a difference by inspiring and informing those whom he manages to come into contact with. In his book debut, Kenneth’s efforts to warn a generation of youth who appear to be enamored with street life are nothing short of remarkable. Reaching out to several of his peers, spanning several states across the country, and with various affiliations, he manages to create a pseudo-panel, providing a platform for prisoners to be able to share the hard-earned wisdom attained from years of making their own mistakes, in an effort to alter the trajectory of a generation that is seemingly on a road that will only lead to one or two places: the penitentiary or the cemetery. Via letters, filled with rawness and empathy, each reader is challenged to try a different route to “success”. Each individual opens up to reveal the pain beneath the exterior, and offers sound advice on how not to end up a victim of bad choices, before it is too late. Long overdue, A Distant Connection is a much needed intervention that will hopefully inspire change, and place our young people back on the path that will lead to a productive, healthy future.

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