A Paradigm for Our Schools, Maria Chang, 9781466990739

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When we look at the education in the United States today, we find that the educational prowess and dominance has greatly eroded. Many countries that we call third world countries consistently beat our students in math, history, social studies, and science. These countries have different morals and understanding of life than we, but these things are not taught in their schools. They are taught where they ought to be. There are rules and regulations in the various countries that some in our country would like to adopt here, but that is why we are not known as a third world country. We have that thing called freedom and rights that those countries don’t have. Some of the courts have told us to take God out of the school, the pledge, and out of our state governments. Our forefathers gave to us this method of understanding our history, and we must understand that our forefathers mostly believed in God, also that the very reason many people came to our lands in the beginning is to have freedom of religion and not freedom from religion. This is just one way the courts are trying to change our lives. This book will explore many reasons why teachers are unable to get the job done and why students aren’t in the top ten of the world’s knowledge pool. We need to think on these things before it is too late!

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