A Simulation Based Methodology to Examine the B-1b’s An/Alq-161 Maintenance Process, William Popple, 9781249830856


This thesis looks at the maintenance procedures associated with the defensive electronic counter measure (ECM) system on the B-1B, designated the AN/ALQ-161. Computer simulation of the current line-replaceable-unit (LRU) maintenance network for Ellsworth AFB and Dyess AFB is modeled. In addition, two hypothetical repair networks are proposed and analyzed. This research considers the applicability of this type of computer simulation, using ARENA software to study the AN/ALQ-161 repair system. The contribution of this research is a discrete simulation methodology specific to the AN/ALQ-161 LRU repair line. Two response variables of interest were addressed, work-in-process and machine utilization. A total of 20 different repair scenarios were analyzed for the three different LRU networks simulated. A best-case scenario is selected from each model and the results are compared to one another.

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