about Centering Possibility in Black Education (School : Questions), Antonio L. Ellis, 9780807765302


Improving education outcomes for Black students begins with resisting racist characterizations of blackness. Chezare A. Warren, a nationally recognized scholar of race and education equity, emphasizes the imperative that possibility drive efforts aimed at transforming education for Black learners. Inspired by the “freedom dreaming” of activists in the Black radical tradition, the book is comprised of nine principles that clarify how centering possibility actively refuses limitations for what Black people can create, accomplish, and achieve. This interdisciplinary volume also features over 30 original images, poems, and lyrics by Black artists from around the United States, each helping to breathe new life into the concept of possibility and its relevance to remaking Black children’s experience of school. Warren draws on research in history, cultural studies, and sociology to cast a vision of Black education futures unencumbered by antiblackness and white supremacy. This justice-oriented text will inspire innovative solutions to eliminating harm and generating education alternatives Black students desire and deserve. Book Features: Describes practical, antideficit approaches to educating Black children, youth, and young adults. Focuses on productively reorienting visions, philosophies, and rationales guiding contemporary Black education transformation work. Includes relatable stories and anecdotes written in a conversational style. Filled with provocative pieces of original art by Black artists, such as paintings, drawings, photographs, mixed media, spoken word, poems, and song lyrics.

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