Assessing Air Force Investment and Opportunities in Information Superiority, Joel, 9781288290383

Author: Joel


Even though the Air Force lists information superiority as a core competency, this study contends the Air Force does not appreciate the extent of its involvement in those activities. The first half of the paper is an analysis of mental and physical Air Force investment in information superiority. After examining doctrinal, platform, organizational, personnel, and budgetary aspects of this investment, the paper determines that Air Force involvement is significant. The second half of the study explores the organizational implications of such findings for an information age Air Force. Before discussing what the Air Force should do, the paper examines relevant theory from the areas of organizational behavior, business and information technology, and military and technological innovation. The study concludes by recommending a series of major Air Force changes involving organization, information superiority transfer mechanisms, and career fields. It also addresses barriers to implementation.

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