Assessing Airpower’s Effects: Capabilities and Limitations of Real-Time Battle Damage Assessment, Thomas, 9781288294183

Author: Thomas


This study analyzes how real-time Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) might contribute to airpower strategy and execution. It begins with a historical review of BDA during World War II, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf War. Next, it examines the current BDA doctrine, capabilities, and procedures to illustrate contemporary strengths and shortcomings. The author then identifies potential remedies to contemporary issues based on real-time BDA solutions addressing technological, procedural, and organizational aspects. He evaluates the strengths and limitations of these possible remedies, with respect to airpower planning and execution, to identify viable solutions. Finally, the last chapter assesses how alternative solutions might affect airpower strategy formation and execution by examining the improvements intelligence agencies and the services are likely to pursue over the near-term and concludes with recommendations for the future.

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