Beyond All Reason: A Scrapbook of Wisdom and Knowledge, Nagel, Paula, 9781644265253

Author: Nagel, Paula


Collected and arranged as a scrapbook for the mind, Pete A. Martin provides wisdom in the phrases enclosed. Pictures can be worth a thousand words, but you still need words to express the meaning. Dive in and study the knowledge within to gain new insight for the world around you. About the Author Pete A. Martin is a native of Letcher County, KY. His formal education started in a one-room school. He graduated valedictorian from Lees Junior College, and then began his teaching career in a one-room school. While continuing in his chosen profession he earned a BS from EKU and has done extensive work toward a Master’s Degree at WSU. Against all odds this poor boy in the Appalachian Mountains became a writer. This book is a testament to the knowledge and wisdom he has gained throughout lifelong learning.

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