Building English Vocabulary With Etymology Introduction, Tony Cerbini, 9780982474006

Author: Tony Cerbini


Etymology is the study of word origins and development. It provides one of the easiest and most effective ways to build vocabulary, because knowledge of some common roots and prefixes makes possible the figuring out of new word meanings. English is compounded of several languages, primarily Anglo-Saxon (Germanic) and Latin. Historically, the Angles and Saxon tribes occupied Britain after expelling the Celts to Ireland. Beginning in the first century BCE, Julius Caesar’s legions conquered and occupied Britain, and Roman troops remained until the fifth century. Their Latin influence persists notably in the names of English cities ending in “-caster” or “-chester,” from the Latin “castra” meaning “encampment.” This series of books focuses then on etymology from Latin and Greek. The texts are designed to aid in learning the definitions of specific, deconstructed words. Peter Beaven studied at Trinity College of Music, London with Dr Harry Gabb, Charles Proctor and James Gaddarn. He was, for thirteen years, a member of the academic staff of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where he taught organ and musicianship.For two years Peter was Assistant Director and Senior conducting clinician of the St. Paul’s Experience, a widely acclaimed and prestigious International Summer School for organists, choral directors and choral singers, held at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. He also sang with and was for many years Assistant Director of the Wren Singers of London and had the distinction of being a Deputy Vicar Choral at St. Paul’s Cathedral for several years.He was, for 23 years, conductor of the Ashford Choral Society. During his tenure he conducted the choir in some 80 concerts covering most of the major repertoire, at least once! In collaboration with the late Carlo Curley, Peter Beaven recorded a highly successful CD in 1997 with the Society entitled Joy to the World.For several years he was also Music Director of the Carlo Curley Gala Christmas Concerts in London. Two were broadcast and one had the distinction of being the first live Christmas concert to be heard on the then fledgling Classic FM.Peter has played and conducted in many prestigious venues from St Paul’s Cathedral, London and the Cathedral of St John the Divine, NYC to the Chapel of Wormwood Scrubs Prison, London.Peter was appointed Organist and Director of Music of The Royal Memorial Chapel, The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in March 2002 and in the same year was honoured by receiving Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts.

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