Can You See Us?: Twin Memoirs of a Teacher, Jennifer, 9781426958472


Identical twins Phyllis and Philetha Tucker have seen it all during their careers-murder, rape, bomb threats, and assaults with deadly weapons. Surprisingly, the sisters are not police officers, FBI agents, or private detectives. They are school teachers who together have spent over sixty years educating-and, at times saving-the youth of America. Written in one voice of two women who share the same educational views and in some instances, the same or similar experiences, Can You See Us? provides a compelling glimpse into an educational system that unfortunately no longer sees children as its first priority and instead seems to focus on politics and money. The sisters share heart-wrenching stories that detail the bullying, abandonment, and personal tragedies children endure on a daily basis in the midst of a school system short on resources, funds, and time. They offer a moving perspective that only a teacher can provide while joyfully watching some children succeed and helplessly witnessing others fail. The real-life stores in Can You See Us? will encourage parents, educators, and administrators to begin taking the steps to transform an educational system in desperate need of reform. “… Absolutely enlightening.” -Professor Shay Ronson

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