Caruso and Tetrazzini on the Art of Singing, Mogra, Imran, 9781511730747

Author: Mogra, Imran


Caruso and Tetrazzini on the Art of Singing is a classic opera singing instruction text by Enrico Caruso and Luisa Tetrazzini. In offering this work to the public the publishers wish to lay before those who sing or who are about to study singing, the simple, fundamental rules of the art based on common sense. The two greatest living exponents of the art of singing–Luisa Tetrazzini and Enrico Caruso–have been chosen as examples, and their talks on singing have additional weight from the fact that what they have to say has been printed exactly as it was uttered, the truths they expound are driven home forcefully, and what they relate so simply is backed by years of experience and emphasized by the results they have achieved as the two greatest artists in the world.

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