Causes And Effects: Unearthing The Root Causes Of Environmental And Developmental Crises In Africa, Xesha Khumalo, 9781779292797


This book is a timely ruminative reminder, calling us to account for each of our actions toward the planet, its inhabitants and the ecosystem. It disseminates the close relationship and the coexistence of plant, human and wildlife ecology. Through this book, the author awakens the West to this consciousness: “if Africa sinks, it will sink with the rest of the world because it is part of the same ship: planet earth.” Exhibiting a revelatory understanding of how the colonialist’s unsustainable environmental and developmental strategies and models subverted the indigenous, time-tested methods, Dr. Philip reprimands our African leaders for adopting, and enforcing the same, oppressive Northern practices. The author makes an audacious statement, “African policy-makers and implementers must stop behaving as the proverbial ostrich that buried its head in the sand and believed it had protected itself from the gathering storm,” and he continues to say, “We are all in the common spaceship: earth. If it crash-lands because of the misconduct of a few, we shall all perish.” While pointing out to colonial factors, which vastly contributed to Africa’s plummet, he also indicates our own share in the blame; hence, advocating measures in which each of us can lend a hand in rebuilding Africa. Laconically, this book underpins foundational keys useful to all those with a hankering to seeing a change in Africa.

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