Chairish The Love, Xesha Khumalo, 9781778330391

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How many times did you wish you were a fly on the wall at important meetings or significant historical events? At High Desert Middle School in the newly refurbished main conference room, Freddie, whose friends call him “Super,” is one such fly. While doing his Friday flyovers, Freddie comes upon a circle of chairs discussing important student and family issues. After all, they play a supporting role for students, teachers, and parents alike. Freddie reports his findings to the reader and to the office insects who have the principal’s ear.Committee leads the concerned chairs. Modeled after a throne from King Author’s court, Committee seeks consensus among the noble chairs. Arm has recently come from the counselor’s storage to extend a hand to the circle. She knows that life is messy and students need an empathetic, caring curriculum. Committee, Arm, and the rest of the concerned cushions are confronted regularly by the closet crew. Vacuum, Mop, Sink, and Bucket want messy things cleaned up fast, and they don’t like being saturated with other people’s problems. Sponge has no sympathy for them, and she prefers to soak up all the life around her. Jake the janitor, a.k.a. the boss, is a happy soul who goes out of his way to help faculty and staff. Despite Vacuum’s reckless and disruptive behavior towards the circle, they discuss and come up with solutions concerning two troubled students. One student is linked to Rocking’s untimely retirement which of course Vacuum played a part in. Folding becomes intimately involved and opened up to a situation she hadn’t known existed before. She is abruptly taken off the rack and loaned out to the student’s homeless family. Being a rounder with a good view of the parking lot, Office observes this happening and all the daily, life drama that transpires throughout the administration building and ISS. This popular student, Chris, has spent several days in In School Suspension. Being the eldest of four and raised by a single mom, Chris bares the responsibility for taking care of his mom and his siblings. He once again attends High Desert Middle School now that his mom is well enough to share the family burden. Sunny-end chair who daydreams out her window is oblivious to changes happening all around her. Office is irritated by her naivete. They quarrel often, which is exacerbated by Vacuum’s frequent interruptions and complaints. Wheelchair regularly intervenes to remind the circle and the closet crew that everyone’s contribution is important. The frustrated furniture look to Department for guidance. She attends high-level meetings between students, faculty, and community representatives. She, Hot Seat, and Daybed advise the group to the availability of school and community resources. Vacuum resents the school spending its resources on the main conference room upgrade and not on equipment for the janitor’s closet. Daybed, Reclining, and Lounge especially draw his ire for making his job more difficult. Lounge is everyone’s favorite. She is constantly being wheeled off by students and staff. Pam and Lisa take her every lunchtime until tragedy strikes one of the girls. Lounge is heartbroken.The circle of chairs and the girl’s friends grapple with their sense of loss. Arm and Daybed offer insight into the unfortunate situation and give much needed comforting words of wisdom. They especially help Sunny-end make it through this dark time. You don’t have to be a fly on the wall to find out the heartwarming details and conclusions found in Chairish The Love. Read how the circle of life is completed between furniture friends, cleaning cohorts, and a super fly.

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