City Literacies: Learning to Read Across Generations and Cultures (Literacies), Steve Herne, 9780415191166

Author: Steve Herne


City Literacies explores the lives and literacies of different generations of people living in Spitalfields and The City at the end of the 20th century. It contrasts these two ‘square miles’ of London, which outwardly symbolize the huge difference between poverty and wealth existing in Britain at this time. The book presents a study of living, learning and reading as it has taken place in public settings, including the school classroom, clubs, places of worship, theatres, and in the home. Over fifty people recount their memories of learning to read in different contexts and circumstances. Eve Gregory and Ann Williams contextualize the participants’ stories and go far to dispel the deep-seated myths surrounding the teaching and learning of reading and writing in urban, multicultural areas. The result is both poignant and highly significant to the study of literacy.

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