Combined Effects of Radio Frequency and Electron Radiation on CMOS Inverters, Jolliffe, Professor Wendy, 9781288315369


This research examines the measurement methodology, and the results of, the combined effects of electron and radio frequency irradiation (500kHz) on a CMOS Hex Inverter, CD4069UB. There have been many studies in recent years on the effects of electron radiation and electromagnetic interference on integrated circuits, however the combined effects have not been measured. A major obstacle for in-situ electron irradiation experiments is the over current hazard that exists to measurement equipment that comes from taking real-time, in-situ measurements. To overcome this, a test circuit was designed and built to allow for real-time in-situ measurement of the output voltage, current and the inverter power. This test circuit provides real-time measurement of the inverter’s threshold voltage with respect to electron dose.

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