Democracy, Social Justice, and the American Community College: A Student-Centered Perspective, Lata Murti, 9783030755591

Author: Lata Murti


1. Introduction Part I: Beginnings 2. Gratitude 3. Democracy’s Unfinished Business Part II: The First Day of Class 4. Hope 5. Meet My English 93 Class 6. Core Values 7. Introductions Part III: The Semester Unfolds 8. “I am sorry tk be a pain” 9. Aprender a Dudar es Aprender a Pensar 10. “And Now from Learning to Enjoy Reading I Crave Knowledge and I’m Fascinated with the Idea of Improving My Vocabulary and My Wisdom” 11. “I Hate to Be So Bold” 12. “It’s Not Good” 13. The Un-Lived Life 14. Patience 15. The Things We Carry Part IV: Outside the Classroom 16. Pandemic 17. Food Pantry 18. Heartbreak 19. The Beloved Community Part V: Triumphant Endings 20. Ohn:ton Karihwathkwen

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