Dsca: General Population Evacuation of Texas and Louisiana, Ellen Krogh, 9781288289714


United States Transportation Command serves as the source for transportation needs within the Department of Defense. During hurricanes Katrina, Gustav and Ike contracted commercial passenger aircraft were used almost exclusively to evacuate general population members from the coastal regions of Texas and Louisiana. Senior leadership requested a further analysis regarding the use of military aircraft in support of general population evacuation preceding hurricanes. Collection of data from previous hurricane evacuations and interviews of senior leaders and planners in various agencies allowed for a comparison in selection of military versus commercial assets. By analyzing both cost and non-cost factors in a course of action analysis the best mix of resources can be posited. It was determined that military aircraft should be used in conjunction with contracted commercial carriers in order to execute the most effective evacuation of general population personnel prior to hurricane landfall in the gulf region of Texas and Louisiana. Research revealed that further research is necessary regarding cueing of passengers from various communities and during late night hours.

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