Expanding Teaching and Learning Horizons in Economic Education. Franklin G. Mixon, JR., and Richard J. Cebula, Ian Gilbert, 9781607419716

Author: Ian Gilbert


This book offers 17 richly unique and interesting essays covering many of the subjects that are currently being examined in academic journals of this genre. Divided into three sections — research, pedagogy and information about the economic education profession — this volume offers insights on current debates over economic literacy, standardised test performance, the impact of gender, class attendance and homework policies on course performance and classroom cheating. Also recognising interest in the use of literature, sports, and popular culture to enhance classroom presentation of economics, this volume offers a number of chapters dealing with the use of books, motion pictures, professional sports and television cartoons to capture students’ interests in economics. In providing these essays, this book brings together several notable scholars in the field of economic education, including William B. Walstad of the University of Nebraska, associate editor of the Journal of Economic Education, G. Dirk Mateer of Pennsylvania State University, author of Economics in the Movies, and Kim Marie McGoldrick of the University of Richmond, member of the editorial boards of The American Economist, Journal of Economic Education and the Journal of Economics & Finance Education. Complete with a Foreword by Rand W. Ressler, co-author of the popular economics text “Economics: Private Markets and Public Choice”, this volume brings the research and ideas of several of the leading scholars in economic education together in one place.

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