Explorations and Discoveries in Mathematics Using the Geometer’s Sketchpad Version 4 or 5 Compact Disc. Site License., Jolliffe, Professor Wendy, 9781304096524


It is designed for the download on the school/school district computers and to be available to all teachers and students. The 74 presentations on this compact disk are suitable for middle and high school students. Prior installation of version 4 of Geometer’s Sketchpad(R), distributed by Key Curriculum Press on school computers is required. Key Curriculum Press has supported publication of this CD under a grant to the authors and the Flushing HS Sketchpad Learning Center. The pamphlet does not contain the CD itself. Your CD will be produced when you purchase this pamphlet. In order for us to get the CD, Explorations and Discoveries in Mathematics Volume 2 to you, please email your receipt of purchase from, Amazon or any other retailer to and The receipt of purchase will contain your complete address. Your CD will be mailed to you upon receiving of your receipt of purchase

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