Factors Affecting Students’ Performance in Zanzibar Secondary Schools, Sharon L. Senk, 9783639514605


Zanzibar Secondary School students have been performing poorly in English subject for a long period of time despite different measures that have been taken to minimize the problem.The book presents different factors such as number of teachers and their professional qualifications, teaching and learning materials,teachers’ and students’ motivation,attitudes of language learning,and school and home environment as sources of the problem. The book is beneficial to secondary school teachers who are teaching not only the English subject but also other subjects that are taught in English language to identify the source of the problem and thereafter improve their classroom teaching. It will also shade light to Policy Makers to understand the seriousness of the problem and measures to be take in order to minimize the problem that will contribute to students’ higher performance in the subject.Since language is one of the most useful tools we have as humans,then students are required to master it in order to communicate effectively not only in the classroom context but also world wide. Therefore, having a copy of this book at the schools, particularly in the libraries will make a difference Dr.Mary Mosha was born in 1961. She completed her secondary education in 1979. She joined Teacher Training College in 1980. She completed her BA Ed. Degree in 2001 at The Open University of Tanzania,MA Ed in 2002 and PhD in 2012 at The University of Dar es Salaam. Currently she is Dean, Faculty of Education at the University of Bagamoyo.

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