Fierce and Fabulous: A Young Lady’s Guide to Inspiration and Positive Self-Image, Ali Taoube, 9781504974738


First impressions REALLY are everything and IMAGE really does matter. Image is more than just clothes; it’s hair, it’s a look, it’s confidence, it’s all about a total package, which equals a confident young lady! For any young lady who has ever needed help navigating life’s rules for dressing appropriately no matter the occasion, to giving and receiving sincere compliments to loving oneself unconditionally, this book is a must have! The book is an A to Z guide for a young lady to: *Always have an honest friend and a full-length mirror in your life. *Make first impressions count by presenting your best self. *Make haters your elevators and motivators! *Overcome life’s obstacles one at a time. *See how self-esteem affects the way you dress.

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