Follow God’s Plan and Stop Making Sense: Be Yourself, Maria Chang, 9781466991231


Have you found yourself going from job to job, never seeming to find the right one? Even if you found success in some of those jobs, maybe there was still this small-or maybe not so small-voice in the back of your mind urging you to move on and find something more. Most of us probably have at some point in life, and for some it seems to be a normal part of life. Author Lawrence Kinny was a successful DJ-and in fact he found success in many careers, including customer service representative, cruise ship sailor, and businessman. Still, he felt there had to be more. His new guide, Follow God’s Plan and Stop Making Sense, helps you understand how you can be yourself and be successful; they are not mutually exclusive. You can discover your values and align your values, goals, plans, and actions. Kinny uses his personal experiences to show you how to use your God-given gifts and past to design your present and future. Follow God’s Plan and Stop Making Sense demonstrates that making even small changes can lead you to a better life. Manage your perceptions in a way that empowers you. Let your God-given gifts lead you to the success and happiness you want and deserve.

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