Gallery of Scholars: A Philosopher’s Recollections (Philosophy and Education), Henny P.A. Boshuizen, 9781402026799


This book offers a personal account of scholars in philosophy and education with whom I have had the good fortune to interact during the course of my half century at Harvard University and elsewhere. My aim in writing this account is threefold: ?rst, to recapture for myself the pleasure of their memorable company for its own sake, secondly, to have occasion to re?ect on the educational impact of their teaching, and, ?nally, to counteract the prevalent amnesia of universities by recalling the conduct of scholars of past generations who still have things to teach us. Iowe thanks to many people who have helped me in this endeavor. Professor Harvey Siegel, Dr. Stefania Jha, and Dr. Rosalind Schef?er read initial versions of the manuscript and gave me the bene?t of their criticisms, as did the publisher’s anonymous readers. JoAnne Sorabella and Stefania Jha listened to my readings of a number of these chapters, and JoAnne Sorabella produced several typescripts of the whole with her usual matchless pro?ciency. I presented some portions of the manuscript to the Philosophy of Education Research Center at Harvard and pro?ted from these occasions. After I joined the Mandel Center at Brandeis University in the Fall of 2003, Avital Feuer assisted me ably in readying the ?nal version of the book. And I am grateful to Laurie Schef?er for her meticulous help with proofreading. Table of Contents Preface Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Some New York Philosophers Chapter 3 Nelson Goodman at Penn Chapter 4 Francis Keppel and the Harvard School of Education Chapter 5 Some Education Colleagues Chapter 6 Some London Philosophers Chapter 7 Some Harvard Philosophers Chapter 8 Turbulence in the 60’s Chapter 9 Chicago and Jerusalem Colleagues Chapter 10 The Scholar and the Analyst Chapter 11 Center for Advanced Study Chapter 12 Some Invited Lectures Chapter 13 Education Projects Chapter 14 Philosophy of Education Research Center Photograph Gallery References Index

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