German Phrasebook: 2500 Super Helpful Phrases and Words You’ll Want for Your Trip to Germany, Mznlnx, 9781950924196

Author: Mznlnx


If want to enrich your travels with the most popular and useful German phrases and vocabulary close at hand, then keep reading… This phrasebook will help those who want to gain practical knowledge of the German language. It is the ideal companion for traveling to German-speaking countries, as it makes it easy to communicate without any knowledge of the language. Clearly arranged according to situations, it offers practical help with the most important words, phrases, and topics. Here’s just a tiny fraction of topics you’ll discover: Good To Know Pronunciation Tips For Becoming A Better Speaker The Basics Useful Verbs and Adjectives Arriving At the Airport and Traveling By Plane Getting Around: Car, Bus, Train or Cab? Accommodation At the Restaurant, Food, and Cooking The Supermarket Shopping Post Office, the Bank, and Telephone The Body and Going to the Doctor Hair/Beauty Salon and Going Out Art, Culture and Typical German Topics Family and Relationships Work and Education Opinions, Descriptions, Likes and Dislikes Emergencies And much, much more So if you want to make your stay in German-speaking countries as fun and easy as possible, then scroll up and click the “add to cart” button!

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