Green Tea & Planning My Day: Time Management Journal Agenda Daily Goal Setting Weekly Daily Student Academic Planning Daily Planner Growth Tracker Workbook, Jorie Johansen, 9781952378614


Productivity Planner Journal 8.5 X !1 Inches 154 Pages How to Use this Extensive Goal Tracker notebook: The purpose of this productivity planner is to keep all your various school and life plans organized in one easy to find spot. Here are some simple guidelines to follow so you can make the most of using this book: Use the “My Monthly Planner” to keep track of your top priorities and top goals you want to achieve. This will make it easy for you to find those ideas later! The first “Productivity Planner” section is for you to write the “Top 3 Tasks” of your goals, most important tasks, and a place for notes and scribbles… Most ideas are inspired by something we have seen. Use the “Project Planner” section to write down the name of your project, information and action plan so you can go back there to be reminded later. The “My Work Hours Log” section is for you to flush out those task details with date and hours completed.. Some ideas require scheduling and listing them out, the “My Project Progress” is great for that. Some ideas need a little extra brainstorming. That’s what the weekly calendar section is all about. Flip the page over and this is where your trackable productivity begins here. Write down the action steps you need to complete your ideal goal plans, and due dates for each project completed. The “My Daily Productivity Planner” section is so you can visually track your progress and be inspired to finish! The next series of prompts are for you to keep track of your “My Weekly Plan” so you can easily access it later. And finally pages with BLANK lines for you to journal about your idea, brainstorm some more, and watch your goals and projects unfold.. Have fun!

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