Gypsy Masculinities in Education in Slovakia, Jennifer, 9783639161915

Author: Jennifer


Drawing on data generated from my qualitative research of gypsy masculinities in education in Slovakia, this report focuses on the home-school interface with regard to gender identities and expectations and its impact on schooling experiences of teenage gypsy boys. Tensions and contradictions in performing specific forms of masculinity, valued differently in school and gypsy community, are discussed and their relation to gypsy boys’ deprecatory and antagonistic attitudes towards the education system and the underachievement is examined. Based on the theoretical framework of masculinities, the background study of cultural and historical issues relating to the formation of present gypsy masculinities and my field work findings from a set of interviews with gypsy boys, this article critically analyzes areas where the discrepancies in gender expectations between home and school are the most significant. The recommendations for education professionals to counter such discrepancies and deal with gypsy masculine identity dilemmas in Slovak predominant non-gypsy schooling are suggested. Marianna Slovackova, MA: Education (Culture, Language & Identity) at University of London. Ethnic Minority Teacher for Haringey Council, London.

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