High Possibility STEM Classrooms: Integrated STEM Learning in Research and Practice, Shinichi Aizawa, 9780367897864


This book offers a new, research-based approach to STEM education in early, elementary, and middle years of schooling, concentrating on building teacher agency and integrated approaches to teaching and learning in High Possibility STEM Classrooms. Author Jane Hunter presents a globally oriented, contemporary framework for powerful Integrated STEM, based on mixed-methods research data from three studies conducted in 14 schools in language-diverse, disadvantaged, and urbanized communities in Australia. Theory, creativity, life preparation, public learning, and contextual accommodations are all utilized to help educators create hands-on, inquiry-led, and project-based approaches to STEM education in the classroom. A set of highly accessible case studies is offered that places pedagogy at the center of practice an approach valuable for researchers, school leaders, and teachers alike. Ultimately, this text responds to the call for examples of what successful Integrated STEM teaching and learning looks like in schools. The book concludes with an evidence-based blueprint for preparing for less siloed and more transdisciplinary approaches to education in schools. Hunter argues not only for High Possibility STEM Classrooms but for High Possibility STEM Schools, enriching the dialogue around the future directions of STEM, STEAM, middle leadership, technological literacies, and assessment within contemporary classrooms.

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