Hitting Your Stride: Achieving Life / Study Balance at University, Mamta Sharma, 9781989467367

Author: Mamta Sharma


In Hitting Your Stride, University of British Columbia graduate Nico Roselli offers a first-hand account of getting through the emotional challenges of higher education. Interspersing personal vignettes with lesson book activities, Roselli lays out a path to college success for introverts by promoting social networking and campus placemaking as grounding exercises, among many other actionable steps. From registration and course selection to mental health and self-care, money management, studying, and graduation requirements, Roselli emphasizes the transformative power of post-secondary education,to not only reach career goals, but to develop social skills and self-esteem. By treating the college opportunity itself as a vehicle for self-development, he demonstrates how this experience helps one to grow into healthy adulthood.

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