How Teaching Happens: Seminal Works in Teaching and Teacher Effectiveness and What They Mean in Practice, Kathleen Nilles, 9781032132082


Building on their bestselling book How Learning Happens, Paul A. Kirschner and Carl Hendrick are joined by Jim Heal to explore how teaching happens. The book seeks to closely examine what makes for effective teaching in the classroom and how research on expert teaching can be used in practice. Introducing 30 seminal works from the field of education psychology research, the learning sciences, and teaching effectiveness studies, each chapter takes an important work and illustrates clearly and concisely what the research means and how it can be used in daily practice. Divided into six sections the book covers: Teacher Effectiveness, Development, and Growth Curriculum Development / Instructional Design Teaching Techniques Pedagogical Content Knowledge In the Classroom Assessment The book ends with a final chapter on “Whats Missing?” in how teachers learn to teach. Written by three leading experts in the field with illustrations by Oliver Cavigioli, How Teaching Happens provides a clear roadmap for classroom teachers, school leaders, and teacher trainers/trainees on what effective teaching looks like in practice.

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