Hypnosis Inductions Dissected, Michael W. Apple, 9781698712352

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John Barboza has written another creative, interesting book where he takes the inductions apart and examines, and reassembles them so that the reader can fully understand how and why they work. Throughout the book there are many speed inductions mixed with some slower progressive ones along with a handful of inductions performed by other hypnotists. The three-part format that flows throughout the inductions section of the book begins with the introduction, which lures you in by playfully teasing you with crafty headlines, piquing your interest of what the induction entails. The induction part spells out each step of the process used to hypnotize the subject. And the explanation section gives the details of what is taking place beneath the surface. It explains what words, phrases or actions are used and why. These elements can be added to other inductions elevating their stature, making them equally as powerful, and magical. Reading, studying, and practicing this material will leave you with potent, enchanting tools to build your confidence and make you feel, believe, and know that you can induce hypnosis easily and effortlessly, just like all the intriguing and masterful hypnotists do.

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