Incredible Mason Bee (Mason Bee), Mamta Sharma, 9781989681145

Author: Mamta Sharma
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Do you want to keep mason bees in your garden? Do you want to pollinate your flowers and fruits while having fun doing so? Then read on….. Mason bees are fun to keep and make a difference in pollination of your gardens, farms, and community spaces. The Incredible Mason Bee book teaches you about these bees, their management, and how to make your own mason bee house in your own garden to attract these delightful insects. Includes useful information about common issues and challenges with mason bee houses and reassurance as to the safety of keeping mason bees. The mason bee is more productive in pollinating your garden than honeybees. Keeping these bees is fun and educational for children and adults alike. Taking less than 6 hours per year to manage, mason bees are the ultimate backyard-friendly bee, essential in the pollination of early flowering fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers. Mason beekeeping is a hobby for all ages, it is safe, engaging, interesting, and instrumental in responsibly maintaining and sustaining the ecosystem. The book introduces you to the different models of house, the benefits and challenges of each, and the pests that you may encounter as you build out your mason bee community. It is informative, supportive, and engaging for all ages.

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