Innovative Policing: An Instructional and Administrative Guide for Law Enforcement Personnel (Police, Corrections, and Security Officers), Maria Chang, 9781466982277


Innovative Policing is an overview of innovations and orientations both in policing missions, functions, and approaches that reflect democratic principles. It is intended to serve as resource material for law enforcement officers in training and those in the field, as well as for their administrators/managers. The public also needs to participate in ensuring their own safety and security through community policing. They want to know the legitimacy of law enforcement existence and operations, the basics about their training, their equipment and uses, the odds they face, and the sacrifices they make in ensuring community safety. Policing everywhere has a record of its merits and demerits. This book is also an appeal to law enforcement policy makers and all officers (the police, corrections, and security officers) irrespective of political ideologies or systems where they serve to embrace and apply innovative operational approaches in policing, by employing new equipment and logistics to provide satisfactory services commensurate with their professional standards, ethics, and morality while eschewing bias in all its forms.

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