Insights into Progressive Classrooms, Michael W. Apple, 9789994980062


“…. The child has a hundred languages But they steal the ninety nine The school and the culture Separate the head from the body…” As an educationalist all my efforts, since past seventeen years, have been driven towards understanding and addressing the concern captured so beautifully by Loris Mangzianes in her poem, ‘No way, the Hundred is there!’. It is unfortunate that amidst the BIG IDEAS that we display to compete with the dynamic quality edge, the child is hardly heard. Insights to Progressive Classrooms, is a sincere attempt to captivate the essence of a classroom that is committed for learning – teaching and not for teaching – learning. Pursuant, critically constructing, the book touches four pivotal areas that contribute to the momentum. The areas discussed under four sections of this book could be an insight into your progressive classroom!! Well, here I am, sharing what I have learned. Let’s make a difference together…. Happy Revolutionizing!

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