Introduction to Brain Stimulation by Psychoconduction: Litvin’s Code, Jennifer, 9781426973369


Do you have problems with your memory, concentration, or decision-making processes? It may be because your brain is not stimulated enough to process complex information. In Introduction to Brain Stimulation by Psychoconduction, author Chester Litvin offers new approach for noninvasive brain stimulation to wake up your sleeping brain. This guide consists of a series of exercises to reeducate the brain cells. Brain stimulation by psychoconduction provides the possibility to stimulate the simple cells to assist the complex cells in order to correctly perform the assigned command. This process teaches the brain’s cells by transferring the same information to various parts of the brain. Psychoconduction is defined as the process of translating the simplified symbol to various parts of the brain. The goal of this process is to correct or replace the complex cells, which can be audio, video, kinesthetic, or olfactory cells. It is difficult for those cells to process information correctly, and they need to be tuned up and balanced to get back on track. By aligning the different parts of the brain with the same information, psychoconduction provides the necessary correction of the brain’s complex cells. This method provides many patterns of video, audio, and kinesthetic symbols. These patterns of information, discovered by Litvin and called Litvin’s Code, can be based on the binary arithmetic and can be different from binary base. Stimulate your brain and reach your fullest potential with Introduction to Brain Stimulation by Psychoconduction.

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