Learning Communities in Education (Routledge Research in Education), Steve Herne, 9780415197601

Author: Steve Herne


The interdependence of participants in the learning process, inclusivity and diversity in education and the roles of teachers in different settings have been increasingly debated in recent years. The result has been an international movement towards learning communities, led by both researchers and practitioners of education. Learning Communities in Education explores the theory and practice of learning communities from an international perspective. Covering primary/elementary, secondary and tertiary levels in a variety of educational contexts, leading researchers discuss: * theoretical issues and debate * pocesses and strategies for creating learning communities * learning communities in action The current experience of the learning community is examined with reference to case studies from England, Ireland, Canada, the USA and Australia. With comprehensive coverage of this much-debated topic and a careful balance between theoretical analysis and case-study material, Learning Communities in Education will be a valuable addition to the literature in this field. Thomas Segiovanni, Neville Johnson, Shirley Grundy, Richard Butt, Kennece Coombe, John Retallick, Pamela Wells, Paul Shaw, Garry Hobart, Peter Woods, Susan Groundwater-Smith, Jim Henkel-Bahn, Neil

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