Learning-In-Community: Reflections on Practice, Mien Segers, 9781402013874

Author: Mien Segers


Many of the titles on active/experiential learning concepts are focused on the K-12 setting. They are often how-to books, rather than theory-based. Learning-in-Community extends Kolb’s experiential learning theory to community-based projects. It takes a conceptually-grounded approach to active learning through technology-based projects. The book traces the conceptual and operational development of learning-in-community over the decade that we have used it in our teaching. It concludes by outlining a logical next step in efforts to democratize technology: social activism. Training the new ICT professional at a time of significant inequality in access to ICTs would be seriously inadequate if it ignored social responsibility. This book is intended for faculty of undergraduate and graduate-level courses in information technology, business and management.

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