Liberating the Learner: Lessons for Professional Development in Education, Fred Lockwood, 9780415131278


There is clear evidence that the quality of children’s learning in school is very dependant on the style of the teacher’s approach and the learning environment he or she creates. This, in turn, is a reflection of teachers own beliefs, anxieties and enthusiasms about learning, often gained through their own educational experiences. This volume provides a framework for exploring teachers’ views on a whole range of professional issues, for instance the nature of teaching and learning, the needs of students, and their own abilities as learners. A variety of case studies are presentd which illustrate how teachers’ views influence students’ learning. The book builds on the assumption that teachers are themselves also learners and that the learning processes involved in professional development are in many ways the same as those involved in a classroom context.It shows how the conclusions drawn from this study can be used in a practical way to assist teachers’ professional development throughout their career.

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