Model Writing for Ages 7-12: Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry Texts Modelling Writing Expectations from the National Curriculum, Elaine Miles, 9781138502581

Author: Elaine Miles


Are you looking for excellent writing models to support teaching writing, punctuation and grammar from the 2014 National Curriculum? Model Writing for Ages 7-12 is a compilation of short, photocopiable texts including fiction, non-fiction and poetry that provides teachers with writing models for a wide range of genres, writing styles and topics while incorporating the National Curriculum obligations. With stories ranging from historical accounts of the Vikings and the Blitz to a more sophisticated version of Little Red Riding Hood, and writing genres ranging from persuasive writing texts to newspaper reports, Model Writing for Ages 7-12 provides teachers with an example for every eventuality. The perfect aid for teaching writing, each text is accompanied by a table listing which statutory assessment criteria it includes, as well as a blank table for pupils to collect examples themselves. This invaluable text is essential for upper Key Stage 2 and lower Key Stage 3 teachers, particularly literacy coordinators and all those who lack confidence with the grammatical concepts in a text.

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