Modeling Information Assurance: A Value Focused Thinking Approach, Sandy Green, 9781249593430


The information revolution has brought forth new and improved capabilities to rapidly disseminate and employ information in decision-making. These capabilities are critical to the civilian and military infrastructures of the United States, and act as force enhancers and enablers for the Armed Forces. These capabilities, however, often rely upon systems interconnected throughout the world, resulting in potentially increased vulnerability to attack. To add to this problem, elusive, threatening forces (national and transnational) originating from anywhere on the globe are likely to offer opponents less reliant on information technology an asymmetric advantage over information-reliant nations like the United States. To date, effective methods and measures to specifically value information and information systems are lacking. This thesis develops a first cut methodology facilitating the identification of key information, generating information assurance strategies and implementing measures to assess them.

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