Nature Is Unlimited Broadcasting Station: Flowers She Wore on Her Feet, Elina Ayaokur, 9780228811176


This is the story of a brilliant young woman with a heart of gold, and who left us too soon. Neema was a priceless gift to us, an extraordinary girl who possessed joy, wisdom, and a remarkably profound understanding of herself and others. She taught us everything worth knowing about life and love, everything about what it means to be a best friend. This book represents our outlook for the future. Neema would have wanted the world to hear the voices of children and young people around the world, girls and young women in particular, and the sound of their footsteps when they walk wearing beautiful flowers on their feet. Those girls and young women around the world have worked hard in the same way Neema did, seeking out their favorite flowers and finding their ways to broadcast them, therefore finding their unique values. Neema would have wanted to give voice to children and young people asking for help and support. They will wear flowers on their feet because they worked hard to finally find them and because now they can see themselves. Their walk itself has a voice: it is a cry for help, and it is saying: Help us because we would like to contribute to the world. We’re ready. We know what we love, what we want to do, and what we love doing. We want opportunities to equip ourselves with knowledge and skills, then we will all be ready to contribute to the world we live in, happily and in our own unique way. Bertha Mkwelele and Edward Mkwelele are the co-founders of the Neema Edward Mkwelele Wellness Foundation. Visit:

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