Nietzsches Philosophy of Education: Rethinking Ethics, Equality and the Good Life in a Democratic Age (New Directions in the Philosophy of Education), Ellen Krogh, 9781138544512

Author: Ellen Krogh


Nietzsches Philosophy of Education makes the case that Nietzsches philosophy has significant import for the theory and contemporary practice of education, arguing that some of Nietzsche’s most important ideas have been misunderstood by previous interpreters. In providing novel reinterpretations of Nietzsche’s ethical theory, political philosophy and philosophical anthropology and outlining concrete ways in which these ideas can enrich teaching and learning in modern democratic schools, the book sets itself apart from previous works on Nietzsche. This is one of the first extended engagements with Nietzsches philosophy which attempts to determine his true legacy for democratic education. In its engagement with both the vast secondary literature on Nietzsche’s philosophy and the educational implications of his philosophical vision, this book makes a unique contribution to both the philosophy of education and Nietzsche scholarship. In addition, its development of four concrete pedagogical approaches from Nietzsche’s educational ideas makes the book a potentially helpful guide to meeting the practical challenges of contemporary teaching. This book will be of great interest to Nietzsche scholars, researchers in the philosophy of education and students studying educational foundations.

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