Operations of the 2nd Army During the 3rd Phase of Meuse-Argonn, Professor James R, 9781249282457


Donovan Research Library and the US Armor Research Library are now part of the Maneuver Center of Excellence Libraries Virtual Library program. For the past few years, both libraries have processed large parts of their historical collections of student papers, post newspapers, documents, yearbooks, and other materials to be digitized. The collections represent the intellectual talent of research and education that soldiers receive from the faculty, historians, and staff of the US Army Infantry School and US Army Armor School and its divisions. This collection contains personal experience papers and monographs describing combat operations, campaigns, and battle tactics from various wars and years in US History, including World War I, the Korean War, and Vietnam War. Some titles in this collection include: Operations of the 108th Infantry, 27th Division, in the British Offensive Towards Maubeuge, Mobile Riverine Force, and “The Training, Infiltration, and Operations or a North Vietnamese Soldier. This paper is part of this Infantry School Papers collection.

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