Overcoming Challenges in Online Learning: Perspectives from Asia and Africa (Routledge Research in Digital Education and Educational Technology), Ida Fatimawati Adi Badiozaman, 9781032378671


Part 1: Introduction 1. Introduction to Challenges of Online Learning 2. Educational Management and Leadership in Online Learning Environment: Challenges and Solutions 3. Situational Leadership in Online Learning Environment: The Global Pandemic Era 4. Exploring the Role of Digital Transformation in Higher Education Institutions: Challenges and Benefits of Online Learning in China Part 2: Online Teaching and Learning 5. A Framework of Formative Assessment Strategies in Online Learning 6. The Impact of Using Virtual Laboratory on Online Science Classes in Response to the Instructional Challenges During COVID-19 7. Educational Assessment in Practice: A Framework to Encourage/Foster Assessment Informed Teaching and Learning in the Classroom Context 8. Barriers of Online Professional Development of English as a Foreign Language Teachers in China: A Qualitative Analysis Part 3: Educational Technology 9. Students Active Engagement in Online Learning 10. Implementation of Online Teaching and Learning Technology Tools for Effective Learning 11. Using H5P to Enrich Online Learning Engagement in a Postgraduate Certificate Program Teaching 12. Online Curriculum Design Framework Part 4: Interactive Learning Environment 13. Using Interactive Technology to Enable Interactive E-learning Environment 14. Students Perceptions on Challenges and Barriers Impacting Their Wellbeing During Online Learning in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) 15. Students Online Learning Strategies in ESL Classrooms 16. Innovative Experiences in Teaching and Learning

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