Overcoming Disabling Barriers: 18 Years of Disability and Society, Archer, Louise, 9780415378758


This book provides a valuable route map to the development of thinking in disability studies over the last 18 years. It includes over 20 seminal articles from the journal Disability and Society, written by many of the leading authors in the field from the UK, the USA, Australia and Europe. Compiled by the current editors of the journal to show the development of the field, the book is divided into three sections which mirror the three central themes: – Disability Studies – the articles in this section illustrate clearly the debates and challenges that have emerged within the field over the last two decades – Policy – this section offers a snapshot of social policy that has impinged on the lives of disabled people in many parts of the world – Research Issues – this section brings together articles that reveal the inequalities between disabled and non-disabled people and the advocacy of new methods and research practices. The Editors’ specially written introduction to each section contextualizes the selection and introduces students to the main issues and current thinking in the field. This book is a rich source of ideas and insights covering conceptual, theoretical, empirical and cross-cultural issues and questions. It also provides a valuable historical and contemporary lens through which the issue of disability can be explored and understood. It aims to encourage further debate, innovatory ideas and applied outcomes as well as a stimulus to encourage the reader to explore other articles that have been published in the journal. This volume is from the Education Heritage series. For details of other titles in this series, please go to the website .

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