Pathways To Success in School: Culturally Responsive Teaching, Etta R. Hollins, 9780805828061


The purpose of this book is to prepare preservice and inservice teachers to think about human diversity in ways that facilitate planning and engaging in productive teaching and learning in classrooms. This includes developing a metacognitive perspective, which means presenting ways of understanding one’s own thinking and ways of thinking about teaching and learning situations and identifying productive strategies. This way the reader is able to experience one’s own understanding of difference and human diversity. Each teacher practices within a unique context. However, there are common aspects to most teaching experiences. The authors in this book address both common and unique aspects of particular contexts in terms of learning to identify important factors that lead to pathways of success for students from diverse backgrounds. This book is intended to assist teachers in understanding their own thinking and identifying ways to draw upon their students’ experiential backgrounds and learning propensities to develop meaningful classroom learning experiences. Specific features are included to facilitate use of this book as a textbook. There are overviews and focus questions at the beginning of each chapter to assist the reader in identifying complex issues to be examined. In addition, there are suggested learning experiences, as well as references included at the end of each chapter. These techniques provide important insights into the need for transforming school practices for a culturally diverse society and enhances the reader’s ability to identify meaningful approaches to professional development.

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