Pedagogies for the Future: A Critical Reimagining of Education (The Routledge Education Studies Series), Amina Charania, 9781032025650


This text is a go-to resource for those wanting to broaden their knowledge and critical understanding of how international education can be transformed in the future based on theory and research. The core focus of the book is to enable the reader to critically reflect on the role of education in a future global society where justice, equality, and renewal are central features. Each chapter explores an alternative approach to education, including: Approaches grounded in indigenous cultures and ancient wisdom traditions, as well as those from radical perspectives on the role of society and culture Reconsidered interpretations of current approaches based on critical theories and alternative ways of knowing and understanding Exploration of the role of technology in providing access to education in a world where learning moves beyond fixed locations and boundaries Reflection on current learning environments populated by new global communities. Aimed primarily at undergraduate students in education, Pedagogies for the Future also gives voice to new and ancient narratives of hope and renewal which are vital for postgraduate study and initial teacher education and training, as well as education policymakers.

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