Penetrating the Space Medium: A Roadmap for Alliance/Coalitions, Sandy Green, 9781249593485


Allied/Coalition operations are a critical variable for modern military operations. Unilateral Operations are diminishing due to the changes influencing all aspects of modern day society (i.e., global communications, cyberspace, emerging technologies, etc.). With allies comes pressure to share access to military technological secrets that will directly influence military operations. The consequences are considerable for the element of surprise is critical in gauging the success of technology’s employment.The issue is of direct consequence towards influencing the evolving Joint and Air Force role in the space medium. Access to technology influences the way that space will influence present and future operations. A breakthrough could mean the difference in the way allied/coalition forces work together in employing space capabilities. Increasing dependence could also translate into increasing vulnerabilities. These issues will be reviewed as part of the developing methodology for determining reasonable access to technological capabilties.

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