Post-Digital, Post-Internet Art and Education: The Future is All-Over (Palgrave Studies in Educational Futures), Lata Murti, 9783030737726

Author: Lata Murti


Kevin Tavin is Professor of International Art Education and Head of the Department of Art at Aalto University, Finland. Gila Kolb is Professor of Arts Education at Schwyz University of Teacher Education, Switzerland. Previously, she was Lecturer in Art Education at Bern University of Arts and the PH Bern University of Teacher Education, Switzerland. Juuso Tervo is Senior University Lecturer and Head of the Master’s Programme in Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education at Aalto University, Finland 1. Introduction: It’s all over! Post-Digital, Post-Internet Art and Education 2. Post-Digital, Post-Internet: Propositions for Art Education in the Context of Digital Cultures 3. Post-Internet Art and Pre-Internet Art Education 4. A Meditation on the Post-Digital and Post-Internet Condition: Screen Culture, Digitization and Networked Art 5. Bodies of Images: Art Education after the Internet 6. Post Scripts in the Present Future: Conjuring the Post-Conditions of Digital Objects 7. Educating the Commons and Commoning Education: Thinking Radical Education with Radical Technology 8. A New Sujet/Subject for Art Education 9. New Intimates 10. Notes on Corpoliteracy: Bodies in Post Digital Educational Contexts 11. Aesthetic Practice as Critique: The Suspension of Judgement and the Invention of New Possibilities of Perception, Thinking, and Action 12. What is the Poor Image Rich In? 13. Educating Things: Art Education Beyond the Individual in the Post-Digital 14. Toward an Anti-Racist and Anti-Colonial Post-Internet Curriculum in Digital Art Education 15. Embracing Doubt. Teaching in a Post-Digital Age 16. Creative Coding as Compost(ing) 17. Post-Internet Verfremdung

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