Pricing Perspectives: Marketing and Management Implications of New Theories and Applications, M. Harris, 9781349302604

Author: M. Harris


The world of pricing has been changing at a fast pace. There has been a development of new dynamic pricing strategies, an explosion of new pricing tactics, and a focus on smarter buyers. This book focuses on those developments and highlights new perspectives for pricing strategies. MIGUEL BENDRAO BALTAZAR is a senior lecturer at the University Center Csar Ritz, in Brig Switzerland. He has more than 8 years of teaching experience combined with 15 years of hotel management experience, including GM of two properties in Portugal and in the USA STEFAN BURRI holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Applied Science in Winterthur. Stefan is presently enrolled in an MBA course at the University of Applied Science in Olten (Switzerland) and Ludwigshafen FH a. Rh. (Germany). He is the Manager of Marketing Planning at EKZ (Utilities of the Canton Zurich), Switzerland ROMAN EGGER is lecturer in e-tourism at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and head of tourism research at the Department of Innovation and Management in Tourism. Roman advises a number of national and international projects in the fields of Information Technologies in Tourism and counsels e-tourism development activities in Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Egypt HOOMAN ESTELAMI received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics at Coe College in Cedar Rapids. He continued his education in Business Administration at the McGill University in Montreal, earning him his Masters Degree. At the Columbia University, New York, Dr. Estelami received his Ph.D. in Business Administration (Marketing). He is also an Assistant Professor of Marketing and Co-director of Pricing at the Fordham University, New York, USA DHRUV GREWAL began his education at the University of Delhi with a bachelor’s degree in communication. Later, he pursued his Master’s and Ph.D. at the Virgina Polytechnic Institute and State University. He now teaches at the Babson College in Massachusetts and currently serves as VP-Development for the Academy of Marketing Science, USA JRG HARI earned a masters and Ph. D. degree at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland (ETH). He also holds an MBA degree in Marketing from Cornell University, Ithaca, USA. Jrg is now a fulltime Professor at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland ALFRED C. HOLDEN is Associate Professor and Area Chair of Marketing at the Fordham University, NY, USA. He is an International Business Consultant, working in both public and private sectors GOPALKRISHNAN R. IYER is Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing at the Florida Atlantic University, USA NIKOS KARATHANASIS earned a master’s degree in Engineering at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland (ETH) and a master degree in Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland (HSG). Now Nikos is head of Knowledge- and Information Management at Bioforce AG, Roggwil (TG) CHRISTINE MATHIES received her Master of International Business Administration degree from the University of Innsbruck, Austria. She then earned her Ph.D. at the University of Technology, Sydney. Christine now lectures at the School of Marketing at the University of New South Wales, Australia CHRISTINE MITTER studied Economics and Business Administration with a focus on Management Accounting at the University of Linz, Austria. Currently, she is Professor for Management Accounting and Finance at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences in Austria and is a lecturer at the University of Linz, Austria. DIRK C. MOOSMAYER earned a bachelor degree in Banking and Finance from the University of Cooperative Education in Villingen-Schwenningen. Before joining the Institute for Marketing and Consumer Research, he worked as a consultant for The Boston Consulting Group GmbH in Frankfurt IRENE WALTERS is working for the international hotel chain Starwood hotels & Resorts Inc. for two properties in Salzburg. She is responsible for Revenue Management. Irene has studied at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and has won an Austrian tourism award for her diploma dissertation. PART I: HISTORICAL AND NEW PRICING PERSPECTIVES Putting pricing experience in perspective: A satirical view from Victorian America; A. C. Holden Reflections and emerging perspectives on the strategic implications of a multi-dimensional pricing environment; H. Estelami PART II: VALUE BASED PRICING Does being good pay off? An application of the negativity bias to consumers’ price response to social product information; D. C. Moosmayer Reference points beyond price – fairness effects in customer choices; C. Mathies Price sensitivity for green power in electricity markets: results from a conjoint analysis and a representative survey in Switzerland; J. Hari, N. Karathanasis and S. Burri PART III: EFFICIENCY THROUGH PRICE TRANSPARENCY Exploring the role of information and confidence in price fairness judgments; S. Rothenberger, D. Grewal and G. Iyer Price transparency on the Internet – Requirements of revenue management for the development of an online strategy in the hospitality industry; R. Egger and I. Walters PART IV: SECTORAL PRICING Revenue Management and its application within the hospitality industry: History and future development; M. B. Baltazar The link between transfer pricing in accounting and marketing; C. Mitter and F. Siems

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