Quality Assurance for Higher Education Institutions in Malawi, Ali Taoube, 9781504972109


This book is about quality assurance for higher education institutions in Malawi and is a must read book for quality assurance professionals and experts, higher education institution managers and leaders, quality assurance review team for national council for higher education, and nonquality assurance professionals who want to better understand the quality assurance in higher education institutions. The author is convinced that the aforementioned targets will have much to gain through this unique book, which is being brought out as a tool kit on quality assurance in higher education. The book was developed from a conviction that quality assurance in higher education institutions is the bedrock, heart, and soul of higher education provision and is designed to promote a culture of quality in higher education institutions. In developing this book, a number of literature sources were consulted from other higher education institutions in Africa and in the European higher education area in general and the Malawi’s National Council for Higher Education (NCHE)’s Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Malawi’s higher education institutions in particular.

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